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How to Popularise your Gigs


There can be many methods of promoting our gigs. I have been successfully promoting my gigs on Social Networking sites and getting good response from potential customers. I have been providing time bound and quality services to the buyers.

What do you think about others channels of promoting our Gigs.

Please Share your opinions.


That is one way to promote your gigs ^

All in all I think the best way for a new member to get exposure is to get quality feedback from customers!

Hope that helps,




My all time favorite and most rewarding is social networks. In fact most of my Gigs offer social marketing to nearly 97,000 Twitter Followers, and 40 other popular social networks. Then, a very important factor, as discipline shares, it’s Positive Reviews :-bd


My name is mike am new in fiverr need help please


Hello Mike, Welcome to Fiverr. What is the problem with which you need help? There are many nice people here willing to give the time to help newcomers but you’ll need to let them know what your problem is about. Also, you might find answers by reading the forums. Good luck!


Hello, I am also new to fiverr and just posted my new gig! Ready set go!


i use my own gigs to make videos and upload them on youtube:


=D> Good luck


Reply to @discipline: You have suggested solved the crux of the issue. Really liked the idea.


Reply to @magellon: It is a good idea to be active on social networks and use it to our advantage.