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How to post a request?

I had posted a request, after sometime it was declined by fiverr community. I posted 3 times but same issue. And 3rd time i got the warning that if I will post again They blocked me. I don’t understand, what is the problem in my post.

Can someone help me in this? How post a request? What is the conditions for post a request?
Thank you

Buyer requests are for BUYERS who need work done by sellers. If you are a seller promoting your services there, that is against the rules.

Ok, I agree with this but there are many request of sellers in the row of buyer request, and they are offering their service. How is this possible?

They haven’t been caught yet.

Posting in the section designed for buyers to post what they need done isn’t going to help you get sales, anyway. Only sellers with gigs in the appropriate categories (the same category as the request) can see these requests, and they’re not going to buy from you.

Thank you for your information