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How to post a review


So I had a seller completely waste my time, lie to me and flake out on the job. So the job was never completed and I did get a refund.
I would like to write a review of her so no one else will go through what I went through. How do I do that?


Unfortunately you can not leave a review after cancelling the order and getting a refund.


You mean fortunately :smiley:


So how do you get a seller removed? This chick is crazy, a menace.


Well “crazy” is quite subjective.

If you wanted to make other people aware of this you could complete the order and leave your honest review on this seller .

You chose to get your refund so there is nothing else you can really do.

If seller did indeed violate any TOS then you can report her to Customer support, if it’s just subjective “she couldn’t communicate with me, her English is bad, she couldn’t understand what I need” then unfortunately there is nothing you can do.


You can not post a review while you have canceled the order before the completion.

You can report the seller only if he/she breaks the Fiverr ToS and the relevant people will see the entire case and act accordingly if they found it is against.