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How to post on Fiverr Forum and get A LOT of likes

first this is a response to fiverr sellers who has joined the fiverr community recently : i will keep it simple just to get your feet of the ground and start interacting with a LOT of fiverr sellers or buyers :

FIRST : search for a topic
to add value you can tell your own story or open a discussion : no need to tell us about issues that are not accurate or that concern others then you ,the more personal the more likes and engagement you will get .

SECOND thing : write in a Good descriptive title that conduce you hole article in few words.if you are writing about : gig package and there advantages : please include the word gig-package. the sellers or byres are scrolling Intel they find the word that there are after so pls take in consideration making it easy for them to find it .

LAST thing : Don’t write more then 4000 words ( recommended ) if you keep it short you don’t get all readers for you , there are other fiverr forum writer that need to be found :-p


Note from Forum Admin: These tips represent the opinion of the person posting and not necessarily the opinion of the moderators or the community. In fact, these do not appear to be recommended best practices on the forum. Sellers and buyers may take offense if you follow these tips, so please be on notice before trying them. The post will be moved to the Ranting Pot since it appears to be written primarily as a “rant” regardling what this OP dislikes about other people’s forum posts.


Are you kidding me?


excuse me ?

excuse me ? have you try it before ?


Hi writer99025 have treed those tips before ?

I don’t understand what is the point of likes o:

hi adsensewizard a top rated sellers route on my topic : Are you kidding me? and that’s it hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

hi how are u ?

pls write full sentences you can not just trough few English words and then you have been very effective in the forum …hhh…just write issues that you and would be glade to descuss with you further :slight_smile:


  1. There are more the 60 spelling and grammar errors in your original post. They are so obvious and blatant, that you even contradict yourself with some of them.

  2. Your post has 10 replies. Five of them are your own.

  3. In your own replies to your own posts, there are more than 26 spelling and grammar errors.

  4. Simply because you are a Level 2 Seller does not mean that your tips, written in horrible English, are correct. A certain amount of Fiverr orders does not equal being right. No amount of Fiverr orders equals being right. It’s called having morals and values.

  5. Everyone take note that the essence of his title is how to get “A LOT of likes” on a post. His post is 24 hours old as of 11:04 AM EST, 9/17/16. He only has one “like.” And it’s from himself.

  6. Stop liking your own posts.

  7. The title of the post has not a thing to do with what you have written. This called being deceptive.

  8. Stop being deceptive.

  9. For the sake of the Forum community, please do not make any more posts (or replies) until you learn how to proofread. Your use of the English language is terrible.

If you do not wish to do any of the above, please stop posting.


Hey @mortadimarwane, thank you very much. I will treed this tips and make lot and lot of post and gain lot of like to become top rated celler. I will also consider my gramar. Can you help me?
And @writer99025, you should also treed this tips, you are already a top rated celler, you will becam super top rated celler or even ceo of fiverr after treeding this tips.

That’s all i have to say.

can you send me a better copy of my post pls …if you do that for free too that will be awesome !!

You should also learn how write full sentences, because your English sucks big time. Not one correct sentence in your post and not even in your shortest reply. If at all you should write in your native language, what should be French in your case.

Hahaha :slight_smile:
Yes, let him treed.

the quotation was not for you raptargraphix

are you a teacher ?

One has not to be a teacher to see that your English is on a level that is so low that it makes a mature conversation impossible.

You state that your English is fluent and it’s far from that.

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