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How to post on Fiverr Forum and get A LOT of likes

It’s not for me… :(…
ohh, you broke my heart.

Of course he’s deceptive. He also infringes copyrights and portrait rights from PewDiePie (biggest Youtube-channel) by using his imagery to promote one of his gigs.

oh right no more messages pls

@annai80 better delete this thread to spare this kid of further humiliation.

next time you comment advice on this forum pls consider that we are here fore growing the comity and doing gigs, i will command you the read few usufull books how to be part of a comity the constructive way …and pls change your “photo” is that you ?

Admin Note: Plagiarism removed!!!

His last reply has been copied word for word from a profile on another freelance site. It is easily found by just highlighting all of the text of his last reply and copying it into your address bar and hitting Enter. This guy’s Fiverr profile says he is in Morocco, but the owner of the other freelance profile is located in Bangalore, India.

He can’t even plagiarize properly.

Moderators: Please delete this whole thread as suggested by writer99025. We now have a TOS violation.

I know you are trying to be helpful but you don’t need to advise people on how to write a forum post.

Helpful and effective tips are always welcome but for you to be posting nonsense in the hopes to gain exposure isn’t going to work here.

Now please don’t ask me if I have tried your tips. I could care less if I get likes or not. If I have something to say I will just say it however I want to say it.


Having likes doesn’t really matter on the Fiverr forums…

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Tell me more about your celler.

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Well, isn’t this fun? How many businesses have you run into the ground with your skills, OP? This is not a good advertisement for your ERP skills. At all.

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Action has been taken :wink:

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Hmmm, every now and then I’m seeing a crap posted on this forum. Oh! I just noticed your last delivery was 18 days back. That pretty much make sense now.

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Posting in the forum isn’t going to help you obtain TRS status.

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Like seriously? Are you here for Likes? or for Business?

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Although he does appear to be violating the Terms of Service by misrepresenting himself, that is handled by Fiverr staff, not by forum moderators and admins. The moderator (@annai80) who arrived at the post first has done fine in handling the thread and the plagarism, so while the OP will received some private account notices, everything is being dealt with in the normal way.

Users are always welcome to click the report button on any post. Some are removed and some are left up temporarily or long term for educational purposes. This one appears to be teaching the OP some lessons about what happens when you try to interefere with an existing community. We appreciate all the feedback given to the OP and will monitor the thread as needed.

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My suggestion to you is to read the forum rules and follow them yourself instead of instruction other people in the use of the forum. Also, insulting other people about their photos is inappropriate and is certainly not an example of how to be a good community member. If you continue to violate rules and harass community members your account will be restricted.

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With ‘action taken’ I actually meant that the copyright owner has been informed about the infringement and can handle this if he wants to.

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So if you’re having a bad day, Just read this post !! I am not even kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

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