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How to post request for work in Buyer Request?


Lately, I have seen a lot of sellers posting their work in buyer requests. I was wondering how do they do that? I would appreciate if any one can guide me with that…This would really help in excelling my orders and business…Looking for your valuable feedback…
Sharoon Khalid
(Graphic Designer)


Hi there,
sellers do, but, apart from that it´s not nice of them to clutter BR for other sellers, it´s not allowed. Here´s more information, with quotes/links to fiverr’s words on it, if you’d like to read: BUYER REQUESTS Feature – Basics for Sellers – WHAT AND WHERE IS BR?
Better to concentrate on writing good offers to BRs than posting there as a seller and risking your account. :slight_smile:


Hai, Madam MILA,

Thanks for your kind information.

Mam, I do have question. Why is sometimes we see seller request on buyer request ?

Thanks in advance.


Only “dumb” sellers advertise their gigs in BR


You are not allowed to advertise your work there, only buyers should post there.
1.(What if I post there as a seller, what will happen?)
Well you will on a highway to hell. There is a reason as to why many people who post there never get any orders.
2.(But why are there people posting their work there, I also want to post mine)
You are basically trying to play the monkey see monkey do game.
The section is for buyers to request for sellers. If you are a buyer you will get a seller. If you are a seller you will get another seller. The you can start singing kum ba yah together.
Fiverr support told me that you get 3 warning then poof, something magical happens.


Because they don´t read fiverr’s ToS and guidelines, Tariq. It´s a very good idea to read all of that, if one registers for a thing one intends to earn money with really, or even rely on completely to support one´s family. As several sad stories on the forum prove. Better to spend some time reading, and understanding, the ‘small print’ than to later spend time on complaining that one’s account got banned.


You are asking people to teach you how to SPAM ? Don’t do it your buyers will not be able to click on your name so they will only be able to see your message… :smiley:

In that you’d probably say this "HI I CAN DO ANYTHING IN $5"
But no one on this planet can do anything for $5, Things are limited and so you

So abort this plan and work on providing such quality that force your buyers to share your link with their friends and get back to you anyway : )


Thank You so much for your feedback everyone, more importantly thank you Milla for saving me from downsizing :slight_smile: I really appreciate it :slight_smile: