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How to pramote gigs

How to promote my Fiver Gigs ??
and which place??
please help me

Promote your gig in social media networks
Do it daily
Stack Overflow

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yes promote your gig in social media daily. it is the right way to promote your gig

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There is lot of option to marketing your gig like facebook , twitter , linkeding .and also instagram there you can get traffics and getting your gig rank

Spamming is not a GOOD idea!

What is called to spamming have you idea about it? If you don’t know about something then Why? Sharing gigs isn’t spam It’s promoting. for spamming ideas you need to read all the social sites Policies then you will got.

Cheer you!

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@dev_sal There is huge difference PROMOTING and Sharing same thing every single day. learn about it! it is okay to share your gig once in a while but not every single day