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How to Prevent a buyer ordering gig?



It has been quite long I am working on Fiverr. I am selling gigs in the Programming section. Almost all of my gig require Client Server/PC access as I am doing the Networking & Server related problems issue related task.

A few days ago, Fiverr made a new system in levels. I was ok with it; I usually do 8-12 gig per months. If got any cancellation my rate drop about 10 percent. So for the new update, if I like to keep my level I have to ensure Fiverr rules as order cancellation rate must not below then 90%.

The problem I face is, Some clients come randomly and placing an order without giving any requirements. All though I mentioned that please talk before ordering, but still some clients placing an order without asking and asking for something that I do not offer. Sometimes it goes quite worse situation, as they do not like to cancel the order. It is already a loss for a seller getting a cancellation. For my reason, I got an order from some clients from YouTube who following my blog, videos. Some of them are so offended that they treat me to do a negative review unless I complete their requirements which are not covered by my gig criteria. Sometimes keep ordering bulk order so that I got many cancellations. We all know we sometimes competitors do such kinds of situations.

I wish if Fiverr bring some option like, a seller can review an order when someone places a direct order without contacting, It will prevent the seller from getting a low cancellation. A few days ago, one of my clients came and did order twitch, while first order got canceled by asking support as he was not responding, again that guy place order and not answering. As I asked support, they say something like below.

I understand that you are worried about your account and Gig ranking.
The Order Completion Rate you are currently seeing is the correct rate for the last 60 days. The rate includes all cancellations, including mutual cancellations even if we assist with the cancellation. There is no way of manually adjusting this rating. Please keep in mind that these stats are for your internal use only, and no one else sees these percentages. They are to help you track your account progress on orders.

search algorithm, on the other hand, will consider a "good.
Cancellation from a “bad” one when search rank is calculated. We look at when the cancellation occurred, if the cancellation could have been avoided, and who the buyer is when cancellation rate is factored. In such cases, your Gig position will be intact.

As Fiverr really care about order cancellations system for maintaining sellers level, why not an exception to orders which need a defense. So, please Fiverr bring something good for sellers to prevent such situations.
Making a new option in order section after submitting order requirements would be the best solution. If seller approves that require information be correct that case order will start otherwise, it will not.


I dont think anyone should do it. Usually i mention in block letters
To avoid cancellation please discuss with me before placing the gig. It will make me more confident and helps you to find the exact seller


Its not 100% deterrence against situation but may help you out UPDATE: CS HAS NO OBJECTION ON IT..Tip for avoiding wrong orders and cancellation in programming and tech


As I said I already did this. But sometimes it happens. Mostly new buyers, as they don’t know how to user Fiverr properly.


Yeah, I followed your suggestion previously. What I saw, most of my buyer ask for Skype as some task need to talk. In an example, the buyer has no ABC knowledge about to configure a Router and no connection to access his PC. Another problem is, Programming category requirements are not like others category, If I check my order, I can see only 3 of my buyers filled proper information. Rest says “OK” or “Do it” as I usually complete task on TeamViewer.