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How to Prevent Being Late?

I list my delivery at 2 days, which is more than enough time for me to get back to a buyer. Usually I try to get back within a few minutes, or a few hours if I’m asleep when the order comes in (a lot of orders come in while I’m asleep). I give people two revisions, so when I deliver the work, they send it back for revision.

There’s been two buyers now where they only check in about once a day, meaning that the revision process takes several days. In once case I guess the buyer was busy and he requested extra services so it turned into five days. Even though nothing went wrong and he gave me a good rating, the order showed up as “LATE” on my screen after two days and now my response rate on my profile page is lowered. What am I doing wrong?

That’s a bummer when that happens! My suggestion is to not give any revisions. Because the audience you’re working with appears to be writers, and we all know writers are never satisfied with the first draft of anything, I think it’s best if you continue your $5 gig with 0 revisions, and then wait until you are a higher level to offer revisions because then you can charge more AND get paid more for them. Doing your $5 work a total of three times over (first draft and then two revisions) is probably not worth your time, especially if you are delivering quality work the first time.

I know that sounds rather cynical, but when I work with writers, I’m always surprised at the number of revisions they’re willing to ask me to complete for free. Focus on growing your gig and getting to a level 1 seller, and then you can focus on getting paid for your extra revisions!

Other people who are offering the same gig offer like endless revisions, so I put them in to compete with them. Should I be worried about that?

You can’t do 2 revisions and expect people to get back to you asap within 2 days total to complete your gig.
Either do no revisions or increase your delivery time in my opinion.

Thank you!

The problem with 2days delivery is that some buyer will think they won’t get the gig delivered less than 24hours

Then why did my response rate go down?

But I’ve responded to every customer.

Personally, here’s what I do.
If I am waiting to hear back from the buyer on a clarification or question from my end, and I’ve given them ample time to respond (24+ hours), and the timer is about to expire, I just deliver the product and close the job. Normally, I’m done with the work before my allotted time, and the buyer is only prolonging the job by not responding.

It’s also a matter of adjusting your timer to accommodate for orders placed while you are sleeping/eating/etc as well as response time to questions. I have a full time job on top of Fiverr, so my standard time is 5 days. Often I complete early, which makes buyers happy. Example: I complete the job in 3 days- Early completion of a 5 day job vs. late completion of a 2 day job. Which one looks better to the buyer? Plus, 5 days is PLENTY of time to get back to me on a clarification. It’s tough cookies if they didn’t respond. Of course, I will give them a revision, but at least I delivered on time.

Just my 2 cents.