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How to prevent Cancellations

Since I started getting getting gigs as a voice artist in fiverr, I’ve had 2 cancellations. The first was because the buyer misordered, cancelled and then immediately reordered correctly. The second was cancelled by mutual agreement as there were simply too many foreign names and place names for me to pronounce correctly. Is there anything we can do as sellers to prevent legitimate instances like these counting against our stats? This seems totally wrong when we have done nothing to cause the cancellation, or very occasionally have made a friendly agreement with a buyer that our service is not suitable. Thoughts?


One thing you can do when it’s very clearly not your fault, is ignore the resolution centre, and instead contact Customer Support, and ask them to cancel for you. For whatever reason, this still seems to be a bit of a lottery, but we’ve found that 9 times out of 10, when CS cancel for you, your stats don’t take a hit.

In your example of the pronunciations, they might not be willing to step-in. I’m not saying I agree with them here, but they could argue that you COULD do the work, but are choosing not to (we provide voice overs, so trust me, we empathise with you). Your first example of an order being placed by mistake, they would absolutely agree is not your fault.

The only other thing you can do is prepare your gigs as much as you can. I think of it like storm-proofing your house. You do what you can, but if a real bruiser of a storm comes in, all your prep might not be worth much. But it’s still worth doing in general. We talk about foreign words and names in our FAQs, asking buyers to contact us before ordering, and we explain in our requirements that if the buyer does not provide us with an AUDIO example of difficult pronunciations, we will refuse to cancel, and charge for amends.

Some buyers read this and follow our instructions… some don’t. But it’s probably worth doing, just to catch those who do pay attention.


mysuggestion is to head over to the “Buyer Request” section so you can bring in more sales to your account and mitigate this order’s impact.

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All great advice! Thank you.

Thank so much guys. Yes, I’m kind of with you on the pronunciation thing. My buyer actually did send me audios then changed his mind straight away. Ah well, it’s all a learning experience. right?

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This is good thinking. I’ve just sent an offer for a gig that is super cheap, but I would enjoy doing. I must visit there more often. Thanks!

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