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How to prevent clients ordering without contacting me


Hi !

I hope you all are doing great.I had an issue in last few days.Couple of buyers order my gig without contacting me at the first place.Both client didn’t even had the complete information of what they want to do. Like first one gave me login of his facebook account instead of his domain details. So we end up mutual cancellation and day after same kind of thing happened.My order completion rate want down to 85% without any of my mistake.I really want to know how to prevent those kind of clients how ordered before even contacting the sellers.I am giving link below to my gig see if anything I can add to it to prevent such things.Thanks


You should follow what others are doing…In bold write on your gig page that clients should not order your gig without confirming with you first so you can basically understand their needs…Make sure this is in bold…

Some clients sees your nice review, and will order your gig since you have a price, which is cool. I kind of like waking up to see 2-3 orders already booked, and i get to work, but in my gig, i already asked the information I need before gig can start, and people comply, do same too…


Thank you for your suggestion.I see what you are saying make sense.Highlighting the message is a good idea.