How to promote a fiverr gig impression?


Hi, i am roksana.I’m a new seller & I need tips on how to promote my gig impression.If you any advice.

check my gig:


Share your gig on Social media. If you can share on targeted platforms, reach to buyers eyes, then you can get orders also. Try to Promote yourself and your skills on Social media platforms.


you can promote your gigs via social media like FB, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. Also you can promote gig via forums, guest post etc


Share your gig on Social media. FB, Twitter, , LinkedIn etc


For promoting your gig
Click the gig titles in your profile
Promote Yourself. It’s Facebook, twitter, linkedin.
Click on your settings. Click its gig
Click on the right-hand corner of the gig. Click on its share to have its Boost Your Traffic
Promote your gig


Thank you for your advice.


I can share my gig social media but not promote gig impression.


Share my gig on social media but not promote impression


Hi roksanasultana,
You can earn more orders by marketing and promoting your gigs. Well, To improve your Gigs Make a nice portfolio for your products and annex it to your description section. Try to stay online. Send buyer request everyday. Share your gigs on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Don’t be upset. Work hard. I’m wishing you a bright future.



Thank you very much for your good advice


Thank you very much & best wishes for you.


Can I send Bayer request on Fiverr?


yes sure. You can rubelchapai. Screenshot_3


Thanks alot
Your suggestion and improvement is valuable for us


Sure. you can send buyer request on fiverr.


NO,buyer request send.


well come.I will try for my best.


The request can not be sent


Why? I’m frist time seller on fiverr.


my also same,:frowning_woman::frowning_woman: