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How to promote and create fiverr gig that rank?

Hello there everybody, I join fiverr around 25 days now, I haven’t get any order now. I have around 3 gigs and all those gigs I did, I don’t see it on fiverr search. Please any one to assist me with Gig Creation Skills that will rank and How would I promote the gig to get more sales.


First of all welcome to fiverr. You have to be patient. Maybe your gig is going on up who knows. Some of the people need to months and months to get the first order here. you said that around 3 weeks passed away already so i suggest you to check the impressions and clicks. If its increasing day by day please do not edit your gig.

Happy freelancing My gig is about photo retouching and background removal

Welcome to fiverr.
Some points are very important to work on fiverr

  • Be Active as long as you can.
  • Be polite to your clients
  • Understand what your clients are asking for before offering them.
  • Make your gigs very well try to make the gigs eye catching
  • Checkout Fiverr terms and conditions to
  • Get Fiverr Help & Supports.
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ericspidbuffett, I decided to search for you on the fiverr forums because it seems like you’ve taken down your gig and your not on fiverr anymore and I want to encourage you not to give up because you did an outstanding Job for me and I want to hire you again on November 26th like we discussed, so I hope you can re-join fiverr :grinning: