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How to promote and improve my published gig?


I am here to ask that how can i improve my gigs and which are best social sites where we can promote published gigs to get maximum impression and clicks, so my we receive orders on gig.


Use your title keywords in your tags and description. Share your gigs on social media. If people have interest in your service they will click and order.


@zaiba202 hope it will be helpful.


thanks so much @zaiba202, In fact i post them into social media but its not working. can you pls suggest me social media other than linkedin, twitter, fb where i can promote my gigs?


Watch Youtube videos how to promote your business and apply those tactics on your Fiverr business. You can share your gigs on Instagram and Twitter with hash tags.


i think this is good idea, i must follow your suggestion. Thanks for that


There are some groups in facebook, you can join them and share your gigs to promote yours business.


twitter is the biggest marketing platform on the internet. You will get so many clients from twitter. create a professional account on Twitter. Follow your targeted people and tweet your gigs on relevant topics every day.


Yes. I appreciated, its mean i have to develope maximum social community on various sites, as you said twitter and other suggest me instagram, fb etc.