How to promote best German Service


I am a native German but I am still not sure if I should write my profile and Gigs in German or English.

English people often ask me if I am a native and German Customers may not find me because of my english description.

I offer Amazon Listings and Online Marketing activities like Search Engine Optimisation, Facebook advertising etc. So I would like to know what you think what´s the best language I should use.

My customers are from Germany, USA, China, etc.

Other tips are welcome.

Thank youl


If a particular gig’s description is short enough, write it in both languages but -
wohl eher eine rhetorische Frage - would using German get you more sales?


thanks, but it is really hard to put any german words into my description.

I am also not sure if german people need so much german descriptions and seo instead of chinese or UK/US peolple