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How to promote exactly?

Can anyone tell me how to get impressions clicks and all bcs I am trying but nothing is happening. someone told me to be active and comment and ask questions on fiverr, but after doing that also not much impressions and clicks are coming. If somebody can suggest me what to do then it would be great.


If you use the :mag: search feature, you may find an answer to your questions.

That is not the truth. :roll_eyes: Being active on the Fiverr Forum and asking questions here does not get you more clicks and impressions on your gigs. Unfortunately, there are many people on the Forum who do not understand how Fiverr works but think they do, and then they give bad advice. :imp:

Eoin and his pals, :dog: :bearded_person:t2: :dog: Have some advice for you that may help you to get orders. @eoinfinnegan Do you like my emoji of your profile picture?


Love it!