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How to promote fiverr gigs in 2013 efficiently?


I am a member in fiver comunity over 1 year.

Now I have already 5 gigs but how to promote them?

In january 2013 I made just 3 sales :frowning:

In february 0…

Please help me if any members have the time.

I really need some advices and tips from the greatest Outsource forum site in the world;)

Thank you guys!


This article is very informative, however once you have to website (landing page) ready the next question is… how do we market the website? Everything I’ve thought about leads to actual advertising. Whether it is Google, Facebook or Banners, a seller needs to invest in that. Unfortunately, it’s hard when you’re new and don’t have regular sales.

Posting tweets doesn’t work either. I’ve a decent amount of followers on mine, even have contacted a few people, but I never got any sales from it.

I’m open for ideas.


@sebastyan41 You actually do similar stuff as me i.e. SEO related, what I can tell you what helped my sales was uploading a video off the bat it creates a trust between you and the buyer :slight_smile:

Best of luck



I would like to know this too.