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How to promote Fiverr gigs in Linkedin?

I sell Linkedin profile views on Fiverr, and I’m wondering how to promote my Fiverr gig there more. I post in groups, in promotions.

I’m asking if it’d be spammy to send an ad for my services via Linkedin messages. That is my question here. Thank you.


It depends on who the people are in your networks whether they would get annoyed that you were spamming them. ARe the people in your LinkedInnetwork people you really know, or the kind where you meet someone once and put them in your network?

I might suggest one nice, well-written profesional sounding, yet a bit casual, simply letting people know you are offering your services on Fiverr and here is the link if you can be of service you would be happy to work with them…If I got an email like that one time, I wouldn’t think it was spam. I might delete it…but also, something to consider is how would all the people in your LinkedIn network think about you offering your services for a mere $5bucks? Will people think less of you that you are doing cheap work on Fiverr? It could go either way. But one email to your network is not going to be spamming, just don’t make it sound spammy :slight_smile:


i just do that. i don’t care about what happen i just want to boost my self. :slight_smile: follow my method dude… lol

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Reply to @kancutboy: So what is your method…

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I think its not Spammy …

How to promote FIVERR GIG to get non-stop sales?


what’s your method for promoting fiverr gigs on linkeden

This is a DEAD thread. I doubt this person is going to reply to you 4 years later.



This is a new kind of information thanks.

You are right about $5. What people can think about your business :slight_smile: