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How to promote fiverr gigs on Google adwords (PPC)?

Is there a way to promote fiverr gigs on the Google adwords or on the other PPC programs?

Experienced sellers pls share your tips, how you get traffic to your gigs using adwords/PPC.

All the campaigns promoted directly using fiverr URL get a ban on account immediately before it goes live.


i m also thinking About this Way !
l00lx if yoo found way let me know

You want to pay to advertise another business? That’s sweet. PPC me and I’ll feature you on my website and you won’t have to worry about bans!

Guys… listen to yourselves.

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Is it support Fiverr Tos

I have not had luck with PPC in general.

  1. HOW TO WRITE ADS: As for activities outside of Fiverr, you can do an ad campaign. Set your budget whatever you like – $5 a month, even. Limit your ad-groups to just one set of keywords and don’t dog-pile a thousand keywords into one ad-group. Then, do a Google search for the keywords in that ad group and look at the top ads. The top ads aren’t there by accident, and the people who wrote them are spending a lot of money to get results, so you can be sure they’ve got a good recipe to follow. Copy those ads word-for-word and edit them to be relevant to your keywords and listing. As it happens, though, I’m not running an ad campaign anymore because my experience was that clicks that came from outside Fiverr didn’t convert well. This might be different for people offering different kinds of services, but for me? The Google ad campaign I ran for a few weeks generated a LOT of traffic and LOT of clicks, but no paying customers. Fiverr’s internal search and ranking system works well, so these days I’m letting it bring the customers to me.

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I was thinking about this as well. But I did not get any proper answer from ToP buyers about promoting gigs on adwords.

As an experienced advertiser and Google partner, i won’t advice anyone who doesn’t have a website of their own to advertise their gig using PPC campaigns. Sometimes you might want to advertise your gig because you think that you don’t have enough freedom on fiverr to showcase your previous work and other personal terms. If you have a well optimized website, you can give it a try.
You may ask, why not close the sales on your website? Well, you may want to complete the transaction on Fiverr just to give the buyers more confidence and increase trust.

But before you think of advertising your gig on Google, consider these:

  1. Your conversion rate. Knowing this can help you fix any possible errors in your gig and increase your sales.
  2. Your most recent reviews. If you’ve got a couple of 2 or 3 star reviews very recently, it can affect your sales even if the user was ready to make purchase.
  3. What you offer in your gig. Anyone who clicks on your ad and landed on Fiverr may look around for better offers. Before you advertise, do some research and compare your offer with what strong competitors are offering for the same price.
  4. Be very active to reply messages within some minutes, and
  5. Your gig description must not confuse prospects when they land on your fiverr page.

is fiverr allow this ??

What are the other ways to promote?

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How to promote my fiverr gigs???

One of your gigs is ‘I Will Prompt Your Business By Social Media Marketing’ - might be a good idea to start with whatever tactics you’d use to promote a buyer’s business on your own gigs? :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your suggest.

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I tried to do it but account got suspended you cannot promote fiverr, i was running those ads in Google $1 Account Which is a perk for Google employees l, hence i will be able to retain my account back but do not try it !


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