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How to promote Gig on Fiverr instantly

Please help me,I am new seller on fiverr.
How to rank Gig on fiverr


everyday your gig marking in the social media I hope your many many order in fiverr

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What I am use social media plate from

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Dear Brother, Could you suggest me please, which social media platform i will marketing through over my gig and getting more views and clicks and impressions?


Quora is the best platform to rank your Gig

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@saeededitor i dont use yet brother, but i will try for this, thanks for your suggestion :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How to promote your Gig on Quora?

Twitter,LinkedIn,Pinterest etc


same question is here

Yes quora is good place in:+1: gig marketing…

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Don’t do that.

Posting your gig repeatedly on social media is NOT marketing and it will NOT get you leads.

Please research social media lead generation.

Also, there’s no magic social media platform that makes a social media blast effective because that’s not how people interact with content.

Fiverr has a terrible reputation on Twitter because people just post their gigs repeatedly.


@monmita WOW! great to know this

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@humanissocial Thanks for your suggestion mam

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Here’s another suggestion: don’t call people ma’am. Don’t call people anything because you don’t know what they like.


Noted & Thanks to know


Noted & thanks, i will remind this next time

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No. Quora is not a marketing website. It is a questions and answer site. You cannot spam your links on this site, and expect that to be successful marketing. You will likely be banned from Quora for doing so.


No it isn’t.

If you get traffic via Quora, it’s organic. It’s NOT a place to promote yourself. That’s called spamming.

Quora, Reddit, Medium, etc. are only helpful to you if you have valuable insights and then people look you up. They are NOT opportunities to spam.

Think about why people use these places: to solve their problems, NOT to see promotional things.

Fiverr Sellers would perform much better in their marketing if they stopped focusing on what they want to do and start focusing on what viewers want to see.


Thanks for valuable informetion.I mind it…:heart_eyes:

This line made my day. lmao.

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