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How to Promote Gigs "Externally"


I understand that many people say to promote your gigs externally as a new member but as for me and many other members I believe that we can not just reach out to our family and friends from Facebook, Twitter, etc. for many are not interested in certain services.

Where exactly besides Social Media could I externally promote my new gigs.


Lots of places, craigslist/newspaper/forums/signatures /mail/business cards/ anywhere really… bulletin boards…


Where could I promote SEO Backlinks Services


Promoting your gig outside Fiverr is fairly hard. Really, you need to market it to a target audience, who are looking to purchase a similar product. That rules out tweeting or promoting on Facebook, unless you have a good pre-built network.

Obviously promoting a gig can’t be easy, otherwise we’d all just skip Fiverr and promote a link to our own sites instead, and save 20%. I always prefer to work on making my Fiverr gig as good as humanly possible before going elsewhere. After all, this is where the traffic is. This is where people who have Fiverr accounts shop.

In your case, I guess if you do want to go external, forum signatures may work. Contacting businesses and offering them an SEO package may work too. But optimizing your Fiverr gig will pay most dividends.


@jgpyramids, it’s funny how a so-called “SEO expert” needs to ask others where he can promote his own gigs.

As mentioned in your gig description,

"These back links will help your website reach Page 1 of Google and a higher rank on sites such as Alexa and help you acquire more traffic."

I’d suggest you build a website promoting your Fiverr gig, and applying your gig service to your website. This method is free and convenient as you yourself can do it. Then your backlinks will help your website reach Page 1 of Google (if it’s so magical and successful as you said). Done! Tons of traffic, tons of visitors, tons of sales! Bingo!

Sadly I don’t believe in such miracles. I myself host a website promoting my own service and offering Fiverr Tips for buyers and sellers. I’m doing white-hat SEO, with high quality content and organic backlinks. It’s already lucky for my website to rank in page 3 of Google for some general keywords, and page 1 for some specific key phrases. The potential benefits are yet to be seen, hopefully.


Many of the same things work for Fiverr that work on blogs. Posting thoughtful insights on forums or Q&A sites is a good example. It doesn’t work to post “great blog” or “nice weather.” Post relevant content and when the timing is right you can link back to Fiverr. There are some great e-books freely available on this topic.


I joined on fiverr 5 days ago and currently my sales is 9.

I promoted my service on facebook and warrior forum. I also tried on digital point but they removed my post :frowning:

I think for first few orders we should not think about income. We should try to build sales, reviews and level. If we can get few reviews with level, sales will be on automatically.

On fiverr i am providing 5000 YouTube views but i am promoting on facebook that if a buyer buy thorough facebook promotional url, i will send 20% extra that means 6000 YouTube views.

Hope this will work for you too.


Reply to @willpower_hk: There’s a ton of SEO Experts that have questions like that, others are frustrated because their gigs don’t show in the first 10 rows, or they’re not making enough sales.

I agree with your advice. I also think your “Free drafting before you order” is quite brilliant, but let me ask you something, what if they take your draft and give it to another designer? Isn’t that a risk?


Reply to @fastcopywriter:

Actually I’m taking Fiverr as a hobby, so I’m willing to provide such guarantee. basically I’m proficient in the techniques, and I don’t lose much time if they don’t accept my design (around 10-15% of clients).

fastcopywriter said: what if they take your draft and give it to another designer?

1. The draft is basically in very low resolution.
2. I add "DRAFT" and destructive watermarks.
3. Combining (1) and (2), others can't steal my draft easily. I doubt why the clients would give it to another designer if they can get that from me.

If you're talking about the "concept", I don't quite care as long as the other designers are just "inspired" from my concept. If they blatantly copy my concept, I can easily do a reverse image search and get them busted (just joking..., but definitely I'll contact them). Just a side story, I've taken down a TRS's gig with 350+ sales selling video templates recently, so I'm quite familiar with such copyright issues.


I am having the same problem with my gig. However, my gig is in the music and audio field so it is hard to figure out ways to promote it :frowning: Any ideas?


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