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How to promote gigs free for new seller

Have anyone who can give me some advice about to promote my gigs as free.
please put your valuable comments :neutral_face:


If you want to promote for free, my advice is… you’re going to have to be creative. If you aren’t paying for promotion, then you’re spending your time and creativity instead. And there is no one place or way to market for free. If you want some suggestions, I suggest taking the time to search the internet and see what suggestions are already out there.

You have the ability to do your own research. You are the businessman. You are responsible for the the success of your service, and learning how to promote it to your desired market. The information is out there, you just need to be willing to look for it.


Thanks for your valuable comments :slight_smile:

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You Can Try


Can you assist me to rank my Gigs on first page?

what about the paid method of gig ranking?

There is no paid method to rank your gigs. Fiverr is a meritocracy. You rise or fall in the rankings as a result of the level of work that you deliver. Good work, which earns great reviews, will propel your gig upwards. Bad work that earns negative reviews will drop your gigs lower in the search rankings.

There are no paid shortcuts to success here on Fiverr.

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Thanks for the useful tips.

thanks for your helpful response response

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Thanks for the useful tips

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You must do some important work like
#Create a professional title
#must your main keyword in title
#write a good looking description with keyword
#Used keyword in your tag

I hope its help to get good ranking

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I am following too. I am also new and am learning too.

I got my first job to used buyer request you can try it and keep it continue

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Thanks for your tips

thanx for your usefull tips

Everything on Fiverr is well documented besides that Fiverr Forum is full of useful information, For Fiverr related information , we don’t need to rely on outside source . :slight_smile:

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@wp_kid Thanks dear
could you help me in this ? how shall I find the information and tips here ?

Yes, I can help you. how much you give me for this services?

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Here yo u go :wink: