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How to promote my fiver gig?

I have created my new Gig but I’m not getting views,clicks and orders well I’m not expecting any order for now because I’m new to fiver. Need some tips to promote my Gig.

try to promote your gig on quora and stay active

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Don’t promote gigs it’s waste of time, better spend this time learning and practicing your craft

how would one rank on fiverr then!? some people are on for around a month with no sales for some reason

If you do search analysis right then you will have lots of traffic without promoting. It’s all about optimizing your gigs, profile, everything and Fiverr will drive you clients.

P.S. and those people have no sales because instead of focus on right things they waste time complaining on fiverr forum and promoting themselves on social media


Yup you’re totally right, that also helps a ton. I mean that’s the main thing ^^

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in my opinion don’t self promo since many people find that a bit annoying. instead, try to optimise your seo

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