How to promote my gig for free?


I always read on new sellers tips to promote my gig. Actually, I’m a student and I don’t have an enough money to promote my gig. So is there are any ways to promote my gig on social media for free and I hope to describe it briefly to help me and other new sellers that couldn’t get there first order yet.


share your gigs in twitter


I have just 30 follower on twitter Is that okay or should I share it with hashtags ?


try to get some followers and tweet with trending hashtags


Thank a lot I appreciate that Idea


you can make video in youtube about your GIG


Thirty is a very small number.

Do you have a theme to your twitter page? If so, follow people that fall under similiar category and then retweet or comment on some of your favorite - they will want to follow you back.

I have 576 followers, which is a very small number - however - they all have something to do with writing - of some sort. Those followers are interested in the same things I am. When I see a tweet I like, I will comment on it and tweet or retweet. Before I knew it, those people were following me and on and on and on.

You could have 100K followers but if they are not active or aren’t interested in what you have to offer, you’re wasting your time.

As a side note:

  • Let’s say I follow your tweet.
  • I have never heard of Fiverr until you tweet one of your gigs.
  • I check it out - great!

Let me be Devil’s Advocate for a minute:

  • What are the chances I will immediately buy your gig?
  • What are the chances I say, “Interesting, I never knew this awesome site existed! Let me check out what else or who else is here.”
  • I check out bunch of other gigs and other sellers.
  • What’s the chance I will go back to your gig and buy vice from another seller?

I mention because that is exactly what I did the first time I used Fiverr. I found it on google, checked it out - spent like a few hours looking over tons of gigs - came back multiple times - after a few weeks or it could have been over a month, finally ordered a gig from someone.

I have no idea if that someone was the person who got me to Fiverr or not. I rarely ever buy from the first click or impression or whatever it’s called. I’m not speaking for every buyer - just sharing my experience.


Thanks Gina!

Your posts always help!

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Thanks Gina it really works


Don’t need money.
Just Need your attitude.