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How to promote my gig [GIG links appropriate in My Fiverr Gigs only]

This my gig link i want know how to improve my sales

Your profile says you are a mechanical engineering student and then you simply say you are en expert in social media. Were you trained, did you take classes, did you work for a company as their social media marketing manger? What kind of experience or training do you have to call yourself an expert.

Also, when you say 2 million people, you do not give enough information on what that means. Do you have your own FB business page with 2 million likes? And what is that page about? ARe you a singer in a band or something and you have a FB page with that many people liking you?

Or are you just going to spam someone’s message on every facebook group you are a part of? You need to give some credibility to who you actual target and how.