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How to promote my gig on social media

Hello Everyone,

can you please tell me how i will promote my gig on social media. best way to do that. here any way to increase ranking on fiverr search … what i need to do for that… I am getting very few sales. i need to increase it.

Thank You

Search on facebook there are many fiverr groups.

go to My sales > My gigs > click on the gig you want to share > click on Share

once you click on share you will find the social networking sites where you can share that particular gig.

I would recommend on focusing on your gigs first before you market them! Remember what the customer will see!

Thanks you @turnkeyz @oranjewebdesign @mjgenius

@best__choice this is not place to promote your gig … go to my fiverr gig.

Reply to @mallika255: Ok srry

I m new on fiverr …

This is a very common “FAQ” for the newbie on Fiverr. There are sticky topics to read on the forums before posting. Try the Tips for Sellers forum, and go to this post:

Take a look at what the successful sellers are doing; listen. Work on your gigs & customers with the same amount of care you would provide in any other work/job. Good luck!

Yes their is many facebook groups and these all just good you get some traffic but not serious buyer from these groups… I suggest you to use twitter and Instagram … it more power full because their not only fiverr sellers only. in facebook problem is all are fiverr sellers , no normal audience.

Instagram and twitter best platform to reach exact people who are your potential buyers…
or use hastag reach your post and gig service to target nachi …

Thank you cheers

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You can promote your gigs on social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Referral Key etc.

The most important part is to have quality content while doing so. You can see some examples like this: