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How to promote my GIG to get more salles?

Hello fiverr sellers im new in this website thanks god i get 2 order with 2 positive rating but for a long time i dont get any order so i think to promote my gig in facebook ads or any other site

does this is a good idea or you have a better one to me ?

Promoting gig through social networks is good. But don’t act like a spammer. Keep doing hard work. Good luck! (y)

Im looking promoting my gigs too

Any advertice?

@mrrafik Your profile is a little mess.Fix your gig titles and description.This is basic stuff that everyone should be aware of.You are advertising your gig via your description.If it’s good and understandable clients will simply understand what are you offering and they will purchase your gig.

how can i creat my gigs?

The best result is on Twitter. Try it!

How we can promote our gig on twitter well ?

I’m new too. How did you get that 2 sales to begin with? For me is amazing that only 2 sales. Good luck

I’m also a new seller on Fiverr! I hope I will get the Level 1 badge in a couple days. I know, reaching the Level 1 is not so hard, but these last 27 days taught me to make experiments a lot! Play with your gig description, research your competitors and never give up. Wish you much success on Fiverr, a fellow Fiverer! :slight_smile:

good, but don’t spamming

thank you my friend for your advice

Fiverr Academy !!!