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How to Promote My GiG when I am New


I just started a week ago even though I an in Internet Marketing business from long time… Created a GiG which is really wonderful to be honest.

You can check, and never see this kind of wonderful gig.

I’m waiting for good replies what should I do to promote my Gig. I only got 3 orders so far in a week time.



well you already have 2 orders in your queu so you are making sales.

However I think your other gig could be a bad thing. Offering to write negative reviews for people to many buyers maybe be a turn off to your services in general.

Also, keep in mind that paid reviews are not allowed by most 3rd party sites anyway, so that gig is probably not legal to begin with, depending on where you are offering to post those reviews that you are getting paid for.



You could create a video. You could promote your gigs on youtube, facebook, twitter and elsewhere in the internet.



It’s your grammar.

"Could you imagine that You can create backlinks from CNN, Forbes, Amazon, Digital Journal, Guardian and stanford university permanent backlinks for your website in just $5?"

You should hire a native English speaker on here to fix them.