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How to promote my Gigs as a newbie

How Can I promote my Gigs as a beginner? Please suggest practical ideas/ steps for newbies like me.


Welcome to the community.

I see you have only 4 min read time which means that on the forum you only created your topic and didn’t read anything else.

Please take your time to explore the forum and you’ll be amazed how many practical advices for newbies was already shared and were to start from. Actually your question is the most asked question on the forum and being asked at least 4-7 times every day

Please do invest time into reading as it’s YOUR business and YOUR responsibility


Thx a lot. I shall certainly spend more time as suggested by you. regards

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Hi there @mariashtelle1. It is always such a pleasure to read your comments. Always true and straight to the point. :grinning:


shear on your gig social media

do marketing regular

That’s called SPAMMING.

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ok understand …