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How to promote my gig's


Hello, I am Asrafulmim. I am new on Fiverr just create my gig.
I have not enough knowledge about fiverr…
please help me
How to improve my gigs



Here is the article about Tips & trick for Gig.
You can visit this:


thaks a lot’s for your suggestion


Welcome to fiverr forum .


Welcome in Fiverr forum


First of all, you are welcome here!

As you mentioned that you have not enough knowledge about Fiverr yet, you should research about Fiverr on internet. Try to Learn A to Z about Fiverr. Let me make a list what you need to learn about::

  • Learn about How to complete Fiverr profile 100%
  • Learn about How to create a clean and unique gig on Fiverr
  • Learn about How to create attractive image for gig
  • Learn about optimizing Fiverr profile like: Optimize Fiverr gig, images etc
  • Learn About Gig marketing

I will suggest you to learn these kind of thing first then try to create a complete fiverr profile. Because, It’s very important to learn about fiverr deeply before create a profile. Don’t forget to learn about Fiverr TOS as well. Because, It will help you to avoid warning.

Wishing you a great success on Fiverr!


thanks brother …
but I have already complete my 7 gigs…
and getting impession very well
Here is my profile link…


welcome to fiverr forum