How to promote myself?


How to improve my gig and get more order??please suggest me. Thanks !


Hi @shyamolikhatun, :sun_with_face:

Make a nice portfolio for your products and annex it to your description section. Try to stay online. Send buyer request everyday. Share your gigs on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Don’t be upset. Work hard. I’m wishing you a bright future.

Mamunur Rashid


Thank u so much for your advise but I am really upset about this !


Share your gig on soical media


why you upset? I’m willing to know.


mamun793 gave the best advice. There are no magical tricks. It consists of hard work every single day. I think my first year I only got one order. After I hit buyer request several times a day, I began to create my customer base, and with them came the reviews. Now I don’t check buyer request anymore, customers come to me. But I needed years.

You can do it too. But you have to work hard, deliver more than they require, and work hard.

If I could, everybody can.

You too! Best wishes! :blush:


Hi @roxita :sun_with_face:

Nice Article. I agree with you all this points. I think there are no second option without work hard. Thanks a lot.