How to promote reviews?


This is a question where I have gone back and forward, in general terms great reviews boost sales, there is no doubt about it but I have had several conflicts with this:

  1. Good reviews from 3-4 stars seem to be considered somewhat negative, in the past I promised a 5 star work in case my buyers where not satisfied I would change it as many times as possible or would refund their money if I was unable to satisfy their demands. However this isn’t sustainable in the long run as many buyers started to abuse; just looking to get some free work or greatly underpay my work

  2. I used to encourage reviews on my deliveries but then when I had 4 stars or below I would have to refund, which seriously started to affect my income

Right now im being more passive about it but I get buyers that tip me or that buy several times (that I consider to be a sign of my good work) but they don’t review on their own. Im hoping to get some ideas on how to encourage reviews without facing the dilemmas I mentioned before


I have never mentioned review to my clients and yet more than 2 thirds of my clients leave reviews. I also find that most people who leave 4 star ratings are happy with the work so i see no reason to refund or contact them about it.


there is a way called Over delivering, it can be very small and easy, but it has a great impact on the way a customer thinks about you,
first of all you need to know that here on fiverr customer or the buyer is the King, you cannot survive on fiverr if your clients are not above you. i mean you have to make sure you satisfy them, otherwise they always have the weapon of a bad review, so if you want to earn something then make sure you keep your buyers happy, deliver on time, and try to hit the mark on the first delivery, even if the job is a bit difficult, try to complete it, but if it is very difficult for you then tell the client straight away without wasting his and your time.
the second thing about over delivering is to influence the clients mind in a positive way, i offer logo design services, but some times i offer my clients a free complimentary business card or a Facebook cover, which are really easy to make and dont take a lot of my time, but when i give them for free the clients is very happy and will most likely tell his friends and colleagues about it. and may refer them to us as well.
that is how you get your publicity.
after a successful delivery politely ask your client to leave a five star review IF HE LIKED your services, do not push him. and ask him to share your gig with friends and family, and make sure you [paste this URL to your gig. so that he would not struggle to find it (most people are not that good at using computers).

you can find more tips here on my post .

you can promote your gigs online by a number of ways , i posted this before, you can check out the link below and see my post about promoting your gigs online.

Best of luck :slight_smile:



I know I’m not a super seller or anything, but this is what I’ve done with my last orders.

Upon delivery, after the details about the work I always tell buyers something similar to this:

‘‘If you are happy with my work, please do not forget to mark the order as completed and leave feedback.’’

I always do this after I tell them that if anything is not right with the delivery, they should let me know immediately in order to fix it.

Most of the times they immediately close the order and leave a positive review. Sometimes even a tip.

I definitely agree that you should not push buyers to leave excellent feedback, but as long as you talk to them nicely, they will always feel somehow obliged to not ‘‘destroy’’ your reputation if your work is what they expected.


Thank you all for your replies. One more question mgjohn78 mentioned that you get 2 out 3 reviews for every order. I just did my numbers and I get 2 out 5…

Was wondering if other sellers could give me this data to have an average


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First of all, I always over deliver and fast. Then when I deliver I ask for a 5 star review in exchange of a couple of gifts of great value related to their business. Also asking to contact me if they are not completely happy with my work prior to giving me a negative review. Then I fix it with extras as a compensation. If that doesn´t work, I refund. I do not ask for a tip, as I feel that a 5 star review is more valuable than a tip, but I often get both.


I appreciate the comments you all, sellers best seller.
Market law says: There is a demand and there are no offers. It’s affecting market conditions, pricing and customer


Thank you for your comments, I have seen other sellers that offer discounted prices for further purchases if the buyer gives a review.

Has anyone tried this? What is your experience?


Well I mostly send all the details of the delivered works on the order page ( Not marking the order as a complete ) Then I send message to buyer That Should I mark the order as a complete ? When he reply then I do.Sometimes I send private message That " Sir If you are not satisfied or is there any issue with the order Please let me know " I think this is the best way to communicate with buyer and Get good reviews.


i suggest you to write in description that PM me before place order . In this way you can know exact demand of the buyer . This is very helpful for seller to maintain 5 start rating.


Definitely over deliver and never solicit a review. In my expirience good communication is KING. When you communicate well with the client, keep them up to date as to what is happening, when they can expect output and making sure that you always set they’re expectations they really appreciate that and in most cases since you’ve already set expectations they know more or less what to expect out of the work and that eliminates redo’s / modifications.


Yes giving sone thing extra always work. I recently have tried offering a free service on buy 1 of my gig. It worked for me getting more positive re view


I never ask for reviews, and yet only one buyer (the very first one, actually) has opted not to leave one.

I’ve bought stuff from Fiverr before - in case you haven’t, you probably don’t realize the platform gives MORE that enough prompts to review the order. Getting another one from the seller is just borderline annoying.

People are different. Consider no news as good news, move on and focus on getting more customers.


Is there any secret sauce?


Great suggestion. Thanks