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How to promote Whiteboard Animation Service?

How to promote Whiteboard Animation Service in Fiverr.Com ?
I have a youtube channel I made that my portfolio …

  • Take a look at your category and take note of how the top people structure their pricing etc.
  • Utilize buyers requests daily.
  • Consider trying to partner with people that would enhance your gig. i,e Voice over artists because you offer that. (Computer generated voices aren’t really sought after. Just something to consider)
  • Twitter, vimeo, youtube, etc Market outside of Fiverr when you have the opportunity to do so.
  • Make sure you adhere to all TOS and provide every client with an exceptional product and experience.

Whiteboard animation is a great niche right now and you have the opportunity to possibly connect with a great partner that will reorder time and time again!

Wish you much success!


promote in facebook groups,facebook profils,youtube

use social media for promotion i.e. twitter, google plus, linkedin, facebook, blogger, instagram etc