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How to Promote Your Fiverr Gig and Get easy sales - Secret Method!


that’s the method i use for finding targeted leads for my GIGS.

LinkedIn is a great tool to get in touch with workmates, network with colleagues and even get new leads.

1- Simply Buy cheap lead email address from linkedin, $0.025/email address from this link

2-Upload emails to your aweber,Mailchimp or use GMAL for sending offers for those leads ( if you use gmail,you are limited to send 500 emails/day and 100/hour.

3- GURANTEE that No spams, as these type of leads want you to email them for related business offers

4- Send them your offer and the link for your GIG.

5- Tell them in the email that you see their emails address on linkedin and you have good related business connection.

6- you will receive replies , replies rate will be from 5-10% from number of email sent.

7- from the replies you got, you will got 1-2% conversion rate.

very easy to do job


Good luck

Thanks for sharing!