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How to promote your Gig better


Hi everyone, im new to the Fiverr forum so this may be a repetitive topic, but does anyone have tips that worked for them on how to better promote their gig?


Share your gigs on social media, on twitter with #tags.


Share on Google plus


The most important point/and often difficult part in my opinion is to FIND OUT where your clients/customers/buyers are located. Do they hang out on certain forums? Do you find them online? Say Twitter… Or do you find them elsewhere… First find that out and then, you can promote your gig there and let them know that if they are interested in availing your services, they could contact you/place an order with you on Fiverr.


yes you are right. first we should do a little bit research on our niche.


just type your niche + forum and start helping others, it is long process do 30 minutes every day
it will build your credibility


Thanks i’ll definitely try finding my clients locations


Thank you, i’ll try this


There are many ways to promote your gigs. Here are a few suggestion you could check out: How to PROMOTE gigs to get MORE SALES

Remember to keep trying new things in order to better your skills and offer new services as well. Most of all, don’t give up. Always work on your business and you will see success.

All the best! (✿◠‿◠)


Thanks alot! Appreciate it :smile: