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How to promote your gig on social media

Share your gig links on social media platforms describing your services properly.
Write about fiverr & your services on different blog sites & share your your gig links in your article.
Send your gig links to your friends & tell them to click on it.
Send buyer request daily


Good idea for sure. Even We can write articles on our category and create back links from web 2.0 sites. We can also do social bookmarking and blog commenting to promote gigs


Share your gig on social media mainly on linkedln and active 24 hours on fiverr. hope it helps you😊


This is really very effectiive tips for getting more buyer request and impressions


Is this really works? any other idea?

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Only if your friends actually want or need your services, otherwise they might get a bit annoyed, and then you’ll end up having to look for new friends who don’t mind being spammed with your gig links. :wink:


But if your friend dont know about fiverr then he will confuse about this

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Cool. I guess it works when you have a lot of followers.


I have been doing this but my clicks still seem dismal. I am just a month in but still. I want more clicks and more orders!

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You are right but I think we add here something more… not only linkedin we can share our gig…

Facebook>>( facebook page and group >>relevant to fiver like { Fiverr Gig Promotion }).
Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Blog Read Details Please go the following Link.

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Do you recommend Google sites or Wix?

Make a blog site relevent to your service,get some traffic and share your gig.
I think it is effective idea.what is your opinion?

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