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How to promote your gig when your followers doesn't need what you're doing/doesn't have the money?

Am I the only one that has this problem? I have followers that are early 20’s so they wouldn’t need Data Entry or help with making a book or even buy a shirt. So I can’t do much on my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc! I need help!!!

My regular social media accounts would be useless for gig promotion and I wouldn’t want to bother people using them for that. My family and friends are the only ones who follow my standard social media accounts and they have no need for the type of articles that I write. So, it’s pretty simple, that’s not the right place for me to advertise. If I happened to already be an influencer on social media and had a wide audience in my niche, then I would use it.

You have to go out and find your audience or you have to create a place where your audience will find you. (Both is even better.) I have written blogs on my niche in the past and used the blogs to draw people to my gigs. I’ve had a website before that was geared to draw in people interested in what I sell. Those still weren’t enough for me and I didn’t want to pay for the hosting at the time, so now I use forums where there are lots of people in the business I market to. I rarely advertise on those forums, I just join the conversations. Occasionally I see an opportunity to mention my services and other times people just find me by my username.

It’s all up to you to find the right social media or other sites where there are people that buy what you sell. You’ll be far more successful that way than by using personal social media or even waiting on random buyers to find you on Fiverr.


If only people visited my blog…well as you said I just need to find a way. Thanks for your story, it sounds like you had a hard time

Good luck! Thanks, I don’t think my situation was that hard but it took a long time to establish a presence. I think that is usually true, though. Not many people go into business and just “make it” with ease. Lots of new users come to Fiverr and think it will be quick money, but it just isn’t that way anymore. I wouldn’t call it hard, but I would call it hard work. :slight_smile:


Hi this is a useful feedback. I have been searching for forums where peopele that need my services will be. For you where do you find the forums and how many are you a member of?

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I have similar story to yours.I never use my social media accounts for gig promotion and my guess is most people don’t,either.
I also write articles and essays occasionally as it is a nice way of sharing my knowledge with the rest of world that I gather while surfing the internet but initially I used to write with clear intention of being noticed and all that and then I sort of realised that this needs to be not ego driven and then I didn’t really care much about who was reading what I wrote about and so I became more focused on reading and learning.

I don’t really visit or go to any forums. Do you have forum site examples that you can give me please?

I just googled for keywords related to my gigs and I joined all of the active ones. I don’t have time to post in all of them regularly so I use 2-3 forums for a few months and then I might slow down on one and try a new one. Answering Quota questions has been useful too.

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Really useful feedback!

Okay great. Thanks. I have also thought of doing same on quora. But was confused on whether to use my Fiverr name on quora or a different name but a with a link to my gigs.

I also tried to search for the top sellers in my niche on the internet to know where they have presence. But i hardly get good results.

So i was thinking maybe they use different names on other social media sites. Just guessing

You can do it either way. Some people do use their Fiverr names on social media, especially Quora. I know of a Pro seller who does and makes it work. I know of a TRS that may still get traffic that way. Some people will just mention their Fiverr presence and username in their Quora profile. It depends on the type of social media so read the rules carefully. Do whatever it takes to get noticed but not to get banned for spamming (or to be annoying which is the same difference.)

Thank you so much your feedback has been much helpful

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