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How to promote yourself and improve your gig


I am new to Fiverr so I’m still learning how to properly use the site. I’m wondering how someone would promote themselves on Fiverr because my gig is always at the bottom and I still have no offers. I realize offers don’t magically show up overnight, and I’m looking for any tips or suggestions that would allow me to increase my presence on Fiverr. I’ve shared on my appropriate social media outlets, and my gig video problem is being fixed by Fiverr tech. support (no audio - which is important in my line of work). Any feedback or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

change tags of your gigs mostly

Do research on other experts gigs, who is giving the same services as like you. Follow them how they organize their gig and what they do. You can share your gig on other platforms where your targeted customer are engaged. Good wishes for you.