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How to promote yourself as a beginner on Fiverr

Hello, I am just starting out on Fiverr. I have no reviews yet or even views on my gigs. I would love some tips on how to get more visibility as true beginner. Thank you!

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Welcome to FIVERR! Be sure to put up videos for your gigs. That seems to make a huge difference in the beginning. Once you get some orders, work through them with a lot of care to make sure you earn some great reviews–even if the customer is difficult and/or you have to do a little extra work in the beginning on small orders. And don’t give up :slight_smile:


Use the search bar to see if any of your questions have been asked. Google to learn tactics. You know, standard research stuff. This is just laziness if you want to be a professional–and you do, since you’re here searching for money in exchange for your services.

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Respond to buyer requests.
And give Buyers some particular reason for which the buyer can trust you. You may choose something like- giving up samples first, first work then order etc. to get the ball rollin.

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I think as a beginner, Firstly you should endeavor to put up cool gig videos, and gig images, with clear-cut gig descriptions. If well done, the next thing to do is constantly visit the buyer request page- you should visit there regularly. As a new seller, Your gig may not be immediately posted in the first column of fiverr search page, but if it should come up, these days, buyers do not dive headlong in doing business with new sellers- just saying. In the request page, ensure you make good use of your vocabulary while applying for jobs, stating out what you do vividly, and telling the buyer why you are the best for the job. I believe if you do these accurately, hopefully, you would land your first sale if you have not done any sales yet. The next is to follow suit with what @ibkcreative mentioned as regards to handling your clients. And I would repeat what she said… DON’T GIVE UP!!! Hope this helps. Good Luck with making your first $$$ :slight_smile:


Yea, definitely utilize the buyer request page. Refrain from magic generic script messages. So many sellers do that and you are more likely to get a sale if you have a personalized message. Use key words that the buyer included in their request.

I will recommend sharing on google plus, i believe there are like too many communities which you can join instantly, more share means more views and a better chance to sell.

I echo the sentiments of those who suggest uploading compelling videos to your gigs. They most certainly help. But also share your gigs on social media. You can attract more views and make your gigs more visible. I’ve picked up new buyers from sharing my gigs on Google+ and Twitter. Good luck!

Hi and welcome to Fiverr!
Something that I recommend to make your gigs visible are tags and titles.
If you put the write tags and the write titles you can’t go wrong, cause when people search for those specific words/topics they will find you. Just make sure they match.

Can anyone give me a suggestion on something?
My account was removed from search results for some reason
Before that I had very good traffic on my gig
Now my account is back in search results but I’m not getting any traffic
Any suggestions how I can get traffic back?

From past few days I’m getting orders from social media or from my old chats

Search for " How to " in Google
and Try Providing that service

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Everyday send 10 buyer request with perfect cover letter.
I hope you will get job soon.

Welcome to Fiverr :slight_smile:
Have you tried SEO services like a web content writing service to help boost clicks and views? Do you have a good cover letter with a good description of your field of expertise? You should also try to make a video to highlight what it is that you do.

Select a subtitle and accurate tags and try to online more time.
Then i hope you’ll be the top rated seller very soon.

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