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How to promote yourself on Fiverr as a personal trainer?

Totally new to Fiverr. I’ve seen lots of trainers here on Fiverr but not many of them seem to be getting tons and tons of reviews which seems awfully discouraging to even think about selling gigs on Fiverr. How can I overcome the “no one knows you, no reviews and no audience” phase?

I’ve been watching lots of Gary Vee videos on Youtube and he talks about content, pumping out FREE content on social media which is fun but trying to get the first sale seems like a total mission since no one’s been able to take their leap of faith and give our services a shot.

What can I and many other trainers on Fiverr do to overcome this? Someone has had gone through this one way or another.


How would you promote you personal training business if it were offline, or you had your own website?

One of your gigs is ‘I Will Mentor You And Build Your Fitness Business’, so why not use the skills you intend to use to help other personal trainers, to build up your own Fiverr business?


Specifically Fiverr is a whole new realm for me since I cannot control traffic here. I don’t find acquiring real clients in person difficult which my mentoring gig helps with. Fiverr gig marketing is brand spanking new for me so what I mean is when it comes to marketing gigs is what’s difficult for me. In person sessions and classes are a totally different thing for me.

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