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How to promotion GIG on Fiver? Please Help Me

Hi friend,
I am a new seller on fiver. So I don’t Know how to promotion gig on fiverr.
Please Give me your valuable advice about how to promotion my gig. My gig SERVICE is logo design, business card design,t shirts design.
If you want please check my profile here
thank you
samsul haque


Dear @samsul76,

Keep in your mind one thing, that the good searching keywords (The words buyers or anyone type to search a GIG or Service) may help you for getting a Good Ranking of your GIG.

So, try to explore the keywords and add them to your GIG.

Hope that may help you.

Thank you.

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Thank you for your valuable tips


You are welcome @samsul76 .

Using other peoples designs isn’t allowed. I highly recommend you make all your images for your gigs your own work. urls aren’t permitted.


Thank you for your real tips

Stock art still counts as using someone else’s art. And you still have bit-ly urls.