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How to promotion my gig

my gig has been running for one month , but I have not received any orders from the buyers , how do I promote my gig?

can you help me?

Have you read the many tips and suggestions here in the TIPS FOR SELLERS forum?

Yes You have to refer TIPS FOR SELLERS in this forum. Most important thing is Communication… :slight_smile: You should have good communication skills to get more orders…Hope to you’ll get orders soon…

Good luck!!

I’m having the same problem, keep reading and stay motivated

All the tips you need to know are written in the forum, so you should take your time and
read through them. Also, if you are an illustrator at a publishing company and have worked with writers, I’m guessing you have your own pool of people you can promote your work to???

OK thank you , I’m still Beginners here and I can the many tips and suggestions here.

Reply to @sophiacr7: Thanks

Reply to @zeus777: thank you , I will learn from this forum