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How to proof my Fiverr earnings to Tax institutions in EU?


I am based in EU (Slovak Republic) and according to the law in EU, my accountant needs an invoice of my Fiverr payments/earnings to proof this income to to the the tax institution.

Normally like any invoice I provide to any of my clients, it should include the information below:

  • Payer Address:
  • Payer Company ID
  • Payer Tax identification number
  • Total amount which been transferred from Fiverr to my bank account.

Would any body share his insights/experience about how find the required information above or otherwise how to proof my Fiverr income to tax institution in European Union.

Thanks indeed,

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i don’t think fiverr will give you any of those, you are providing a service that doesn’t require any of that information. I would recommend you print the transaction using paypal

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If you type “proof of Fiverr earnings for accountant” in the search bar above there are a few posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.

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