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How to properly interview the buyer?

**The most important thing in getting a job at Fiverr is the right interview with an outsider. And if this is the right interview, then the chances of getting a job are the highest. So I want to know how to properly interview outsiders.
I think experts will give advice on this.


I agree fully that the more successfully you can talk to or “Interview” the buyer before setting and agreeing to terms of the job, sadly too many buyers do not want to talk first. They just assume that you should know what is in their head and do that without being told. Too many buyers assume that all they need is to find someone who puts the right keywords in their gig or BR response and they must be great (anything else like checking past work is considered a waste of time).

The best you can do then is to make sure that:

  • your Gig makes it clear what you DO and DO NOT do using general Gig text and FAQ
  • your Requirements Form is well built to ensure that what you need to get the job done right is clear & required and any other provisos are noted and agreed to by the customer.

If the customer doesn’t want to talk to you, you know they are either a bit clueless or simply not a person who you can successfully do great work so while annoying, understand that you dodged a bullet.



Thanks, I agree with you but would like to interview any buyer when. So what to do then? If you say a little.

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I am sorry but I cannot understand you at all. All the words are ok but together they make no sense in English at all.

That is a thing you need to improve.