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How to propose for a job on buyer request

Hello everyone, please I need a tip on how to propose for a job on buyer request. I write mine by stating my experience and letting them know that I can do the work. Is that a good reference. Someone should assist me. Thanks


HI art_vitoh
The buyer requests are really a good opportunity to Grab and Get your First Order, To standout between the gigs here are some of my tips,

  • Please Read The Request Carefully
  • Be Good at Communication skills
  • Show Interest in client’s Work, Ask Him question if details are not Complete or Clear.
  • Give a Cheap Price(As You are a beginner,Your First Priority is to get orders and reviews)
  • Write short but brief about the requested job, and let him know that you can do it, then tell him about your past work and a few links/examples.
  • Tell Him You will Provide How much revisions,in what price and in how much time you can deliver.
  • At last, Thank him in Advance and Wish to work with him

If you are sending a good ,straight forward and clean bid, you can easily attract the buyer, so stay to his point and be short and simple but brief


Disagree. I am a buyer and I can say for certain I do not select sellers that bid a ridiculously low price. It makes me think they do not understand my requirements or they didn’t read. I delete those sellers.

Golly, I hate this. Why do people tells others to do this. I only want to know what you can do for me not what you’ve done for others. A seller just need to reiterate what I wrote and tell me what you are going do - don’t waste my time telling me all about your education and who you worked for. That will have zero effect of me hiring you.


a cheap price means , a relatively cheaper according to nature of work,and at start you have to do compromise for the sake of your profile building, IF you Propose for example 5$ to build a website or any ridiculously low price, then thats really a bad idea.

I DONT KNOW what buyer are you , but if someone want a website to be done, i definitely send him a past similar links or a portfolio link, in that case he can easily judge my design skills, one or two link to related work is a good thing.
Only Non-professional buyers without inquiring the sellers capability do a job and get disappointed and then look for some else,

In recently started my gig and i am using such approaches and getting responses from requests, as i spent hundreds of hours on other freelance platforms, as far as my experience is, if you want to stand out in market when you are new to a platform, this is definitely a good technique

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You misunderstood what I was saying. Giving buyers an examples of websites you’ve done is a great idea - how else would the buyer understand your capability.

I was referring to the sellers who spend half the write up with a canned response on where they went to school and statistics like they have all five star reviews, etc. Those things are annoying to read. I don’t want to know about anyone’s 5 star reviews.


Yeah You are right, I agree With you, that was what i actually saying.
Not a whole romeo juliat story,just some links, to show yourself

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You can start precising what you really got. Tell the truth that you can do it or not. Simple
Buyer will definitely like it