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How to protect me from Bad Buyer?

I make perfect delivery but alas buyer say “Order not completed, refund me now or I will report to Fiverr” They make me mad !! I tell them to show me report of my job reflection then they are not interested to show the update report. They don’t want to talk anything just want to report on Fiverr And just say report to Fiverr, report to Fiverr. I don’t want to take any bad report in Fiverr. So how can I control them to scam with me? It is really bad experience of mine and my others met in Fiverr.
Why they are doing this type behave? And have any solution of it ?

Take a screenshot of what the buyer said to you and send it to customer support.

They will take care of it. It is not allowed to send a threat like this.

Thanks you so much @misscrystal

Eat garlic, carry silver bullets, have a wooden stake with you at all times, throw salt over your shoulder and in a circle around you, wear the cross (substitute for appropriate religious symbol), sprinkle holy water on you at all times, wave a sage brush around your house, learn exorcism…

Also do the above and stay professional as @misscrystal suggests. If you delivered good work that you promised and the seller has transformed from nice into evil incarnate, then you have nothing to fear. My own suggestions probably won’t help that much!

Ignore it… Give him refund. That was the price for him to get away from your life forever! Cheap! Good luck with your work!

@ruxyro How you recognized them as a bad guy at first meet and how much time you ignore them after giving you an order? Because they waste your time and reputation also
However this is interesting that after my post, I don’t know why this buyer back and tell me sorry about it and give me a nice feedback. Really interesting!! Lol!
I think he also has been see this post (maybe)
Funny experiance!!!