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How to protect seller (myself) when delivering thru Dropbox

hi Sellers!

i basically need to upload a large file that does not fit the regular FIVERR delivery upload size limit.
i’ve read here that we can use dropbox / wetransfer / google drive to upload large files and then send the URL to the buyer for download.

my questions is - how do you protect yourself from getting your work downloaded, the buyer bailing out on you, and you not getting paid?

is this just a mutual trust thing?

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The buyer can steal your work regardless.
When you deliver the work the buyer can download the files without completing the order.

So yes: mutual trust is what it’s all about.

well… that kinda sucks lol thanks for the help!

Sometimes I need to deliver larger video files that won’t attach. I first send a low resolution version and explain that the HD video is too big. After the buyer agrees to the contents of the video, I send them a link with the HD version on Dropbox.


Thanks for the advice, Vapes! i’ll keep this in mind when i have a simpler project i can easily and practically watermark and re-edit for final delivery :slight_smile:

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That’s a great alternative.


well, it’s finally happened. i uploaded the files thru dropbox and the fiverr uploader.

the buyer has my files and cancelled the order without giving any reason why.
he just basically said “it’s not for me. i cancel order”.
i sent a message asking for feedback on why he didn’t like it (i haven’t accepted the cancellation yet).

any advice on what to do next?


Decline the cancellation. You did the work.


what happens when i decline the cancellation?
will it eventually “Complete” within the next 3 days if it isn’t resolved?
also, when i decline cancellation and he finally “Completes” the gig, he’ll eventually give me a low rating, right?

that’s the only drawback i see if i push back with his cancellation.

It will eventually complete in 3 days or less. If he tries to cancel more than once, I think the time gets shorter. Yes, he might leave a poor review. Unless you are very new or already have many poor reviews, it may be better to take that risk. It’s up to you, though.


Since he’s new and has no reviews yet, if the buyer leaves a bad review it would be the only review and it would be a bad one, which would likely make people not want to try the gig. With no reviews yet, it’s probably safer to just accept the cancellation.


If you decline the cancellation then Buyer will able to contact customer support

thanks for the replies!

i forgot to add that the buyer said that i had “freedom” with my design so i could design it how i’d want.
then he comes back to me saying that he doesn’t like it with no proper feedback. sucks!

anyway, @fonthaunt, i see that you’re a mod… maybe you can help me out?
i’m new here and i’d like to know if this is proper “etiquette” in sending out deliveries.
This is the only way i see that i can protect myself in the future.

  1. Deliver low-res files with water marks to the buyer instead of the final files (for now)
  2. Ask the buyer for written approval of the design, to tag the order as “completed”, and to fairly rate my gig
  3. Once the design is approved, the gig is completed, and buyer has fairly rated my gig, that’s the only time i send over the final high-res files without watermarks thru fiverr or thru dropbox

your thoughts?

A seller delivered me watermarked file on order page and said if I like the work then delivered me actual files.

Sorry to jump in here, but I would not recommend holding back the final files until your buyer “has fairly rated my gig.”

That’s holding the work hostage so to speak and you can’t use that as a power play to get what you consider a fair review.

No one likes bad reviews, but we have to do our best to deliver an excellent product to the best of our abilities. Then deliver to our buyers. We then have to let them review our work as they choose, even if we don’t feel it’s fair.


Since you’re new, I’d let this one go and write it off to education.

In the future, avoid buyers who say something like “You have freedom”… because you see that means you also can’t say “I delivered what you asked for…”

I’d pass on those buyers (cancel the order in the early stages if needed, but don’t do that too much either…)

You want buyers who are say something like “This is what I need: Can you do X or Y?”

Or live with the fact that if you can do “anything”, some will not like your choices and will cancel (or try to…)

Normally we want buyers who know what they want, and what they want is something we are good at already. That way our deliverable meets their needs or at least is close.

Watermark is a good idea… but nothing is perfect. Keep working it and build up a set of buyers, you’ll see most are great people, but in the early stages a few will try to take advantage because they see you are new.

Ask questions in this forum. There are tons of very helpful, experienced sellers here.

Also: The Mods are sellers/buyers just like us, except they have been around the forum a long time and earned the trust of the people running the forum.

They often are very busy herding the cats here. They reply when they can, but sometimes due to them running their Fiverr business, they can’t always answer every question directed toward them. When they can, they answer like everybody else.

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If you instigate any of those plans, you could get yourself in very hot water with CS, as each one of them breaks the ToS in some way or another.

You’ve got to deliver the finished item - nothing else.

The reality is that most Fiverr buyers are fair and play by the rules, and won’t set out to rip you off.

Is it possible to send a zip file via the Fiverr delivery system? At least then it would all be done through Fiverr, without any external links.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone for the replies!

@offlinehelpers - i zipped it up but it still exceeded the allowable upload size.

i’ve accepted the cancellation after weighing the pros and cons of doing so.
and as @lisabaarns mentioned, i’ll write this off to experience and education.

thanks again!

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I’m going to let the other replies guide you since I see some great advice here and now I know you are pretty new. Usually I would add a bit more to my answer but I’m running through notifications and a little tired, so I’ll bow out. Thanks to @lisabaarns who explained the mod role, she is 100% correct that we tend to have a lot of experience but are not staff. Others can guide you just fine! :slight_smile:

Yes, the buyer can always contact CS at any point during a transaction. CS does not always side with the buyer if you prove the work was done well. I am only for declining a cancellation when the seller can afford the risk of a negative review, though, and sellers with few reviews are usually not there yet. I am for sellers getting paid when they do the work well, so if they have enough reviews to absorb it and the payment was worth a risk as well, I don’t think there is anything wrong with declining.