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How to protect sellers?


We are new here on Fiverr, not even 2 months, and we are both enjoying the experience. We have worked on a variety of different projects from different people all over the world. That’s pretty neat!

We’ve had really good reviews and we pride ourselves in doing good work. Sometimes a gig doesn’t even pay the time or energy we have spent. But that’s OK. It’s part of starting out, although we have experience outside of this platform, and some projects/buyers are really awesome so we don’t mind working on them and basically not getting paid. :slight_smile:

The other day, we had a really bad experience with a buyer. We delivered the file and he wasn’t satisfied. So, we changed it to his liking. We sent it again and he rejected it saying it was bad quality. We changed the file again, not really understanding what it is he truly wanted. He requested to cancel the order stating the work was of poor quality and unusable. Conclusion, he accepted the file and left 2 very nasty reviews. Since we are just starting out, those 2 reviews sent that gig’s rating to a 4-star instead of the 5-star.

How does Fiverr protect the seller, the artist who gives them a commission of their work? The reviews this buyer left were unfair and simply not true. One thing is to be unsatisfied with the work, with the seller and with the overall experience. I get that and I respect that. However, to write something that is untrue is just unfair! There is no way to delete those reviews and Fiverr Customer Service states that they take the Buyer’s opinions very seriously.

What about the Seller? It’s very easy for a buyer to receive the file and then try to cancel the order and not pay for it, but in fact the file was delivered. Meaning, in theory, buyers could literally get work done for free.

Thank you for reading this post!


I can understand your feelings. But we can’t do anything.There are a lot of Mad buyers who use such kind of tricks to get free work.I suggest you to have a conversation with the buyer before starting the order.By this way, you can understand the mentality of buyer and decide to start order with this buyer or not. You can also Request buyer for review modification.


Thanks for commenting and giving me your advice.
We tried doing that, but he insists the work was garbage!
I guess we just have to learn from this experience and move on.
Definitely be more careful next time. :slight_smile:
Funny thing is, we’ve had quite a lot of contacts and one order since that incident. :slight_smile:


You should have cancelled the order then.


Yes, we should have. We thought having an order cancelled by a buyer would be bad for our ratings and such. But, in the end, it would have been the best option. Learning experience… :-p


Mutual Cancellation is better than Bad rating.
It has been told by Fiverr CS that Mutual Cancellations doesnot affects the gig rankings.


Sorry this happened to you. I’m very new myself and this is a huge fear of mine but I know it’s best to focus on the majority of wonderful clients. It was very helpful to read that you didn’t seem to miss a beat despite his negative review! :muscle:t4:Wishing you continued success.


You’re right!
We did a mutual cancellation once, but for different reasons. When the buyer sent me the text for me to do the voice over, I realised the text was in Brazilian Portuguese. My accent is European Portuguese, so that obviously wasn’t going to work. :slight_smile: I though that Mutual Cancellations were for these types of situations, not disputes.


Thanks for your kind words. It was a bad experience, but, like any experience, we learned and grew from it.
I think that the good reviews compensate these bad reviews and also, maybe potential buyers can sense that the reviews are a bit too nasty/harsh.
Good luck to you too! :slight_smile:


The dispute is a request for the Mutual Cancellation.