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How to protect us from: Buyers that

… Open an order with fast delivery as extra,

And they disappear in the infinite nothing, without giving any info, untill QUITE the end of the gig.

How can we protect ourselves?

I’m afraid there’s no foolproof way - in my experience with these situations customer support have been great about dealing with it so it might be worth contacting them.

Some things that might be worth considering that may help are including a ‘contact me first before placing an order with extra fast delivery’ in the gig description but obviously this requires the buyer to be willing to adhere to your guidelines…

Exactly, usually who place the EF, just give you indications, with no sense and often not related to the gig., so big part of time are request of things that you do not basically do…

But with the TIME ZONE difference, you ust burn 8-12 hours, the customer doesnt give a reply… and you arrive to make 80% of thw job in few hours.

It is kinda frustrating s…!!!

Arr! Thanks for your reply

Until we get some protection, try to put the delivery time to 2 days and wait for one day to see if the buyer responds, if not then just cancel the order.

Reply to @kay2809: Hi!

Thanks for your reply, I have already set 48hours.

Cause of a bad old experience.

The customer did answer fortunately, but i had to run as a mad to deliver in a stream of fire!!!

Thanks for your reply!