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How to protect yourself on Fiverr


I had two clients today contacting me asking for help, both complaining about the same seller. Both female, have told me that they had hired another fiverr seller and when they felt he was not someone they wanted to work with, he immediately started threatening them and asked them each to pay him outside fivver.

I am going to share word by word as what he wrote to them, from a snapshot they have shared with me.

Ok that’s totally up to you, but let me warn you something that fiverr is not safe enough for both of us. I am sending you a screenshot. I also had a fiverr account before this by my different name… I had many orders and dollars pending on there… and suddenly fiverr disabled my account took my money and I also lost all my clients who ordered me… now the decision will be all yours that whom you gonna trust. me or fiverr… Allah hafej

As you can clearly see, this is a scam, this is a huge RED FLAG. You must always trust fiverr, always. And fiverr gives us business, they don’t take away our money.

The oter suggestion the scammer sent her was: Then pay by your any master card from my payment link… or if you want you can also pay on skrill or neteller … the choice is all yours… RED FLAG… Never ever agree to pay outside fiverr, let fiver deal with the payment. Always report these sellers, they don’t belong on fiverr.

Now if anyone makes a threat using spell, immediately report them to fiverr. Go to help, click contact customer service, pick report, take a snapshot of their message to you, ask customer service to refund you the money and block them.

This is the threat this seller sent to one of my potential clients: "Just wait 3 days and you will know that who am I, you had insulted me enough… i swear of my spells i will send 100 jinns in front of you and they will explain to you that who am i… now go and consult any spell caster, if anyone can stop me or my spells… i swear i will stop casting spells…get ready to watch something unexpected thrill. RED FLAD, and for sure this is not ethical.

A caster can cancel their work but to scare you, it’s not ethical, professional or human.

I would like to hear if this ever happened to you, and I hope you took actions by reporting them.

They can only harm you if you give them power, and it’s always wise to do cleansing to remove negativity and blockages to clear your energy field so you don’t let fear feed into their threats, And to protect you from giving such negative suggestion any power.

Remember you come to us for help, not to be threatened.
Wishing you, joy, happiness, and abundance.
May you always be granted love and light.

~ Blessings ~



Good information - there at far too many scammers out there. Fiverr is a target.


What’s that person smoking? :rofl:

Asking for a friend. :smiley_cat:


I think he’s smoking trees.


To me, he sounded like an idiot who was desperately trying to make himself look powerful playing god lol


Pretty much, yes. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s sad that these so called “spell casters” are the ones who make the good ones look bad.